Our Professional Low Voltage Services

Wolverine Low Voltage offers a range of quality and professional services. From alarm systems to network equipment, we aim to deliver fast and simple solutions.

A Quick Look at our Low Voltage Services


We have the expertise and talent to design and install comprehensive cabling systems. Our team of experts and professional electricians will work to create an infrastructure that fits an organization and its technology needs.


Our network management services include setting up network equipment, installing network cables, and ensuring that your business network runs smoothly with cable drops where they are needed.

Access & Survellience

Using a video surveillance system, you will be able to monitor and record events as they occur throughout your facility or residential building. With these low voltage services, you can keep your facility safe.

Golf Simulators

Golf courses can now offer their members year-round golf with Golf Simulator Installation from Wolverine Low Voltage. Our Golf Simulators are perfect for keeping your members engaged through the Winter seasons.

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Our team possesses the skills and knowledge to craft and implement all-encompassing structured cabling systems tailored for end users. With professionals experienced in managed IT, electrical, and general contractors, we can guarantee the services we provide are based in expertise. With a combination of expert technicians and skilled electricians, we ensure the creation of a well-suited infrastructure that perfectly aligns with an organization’s specific technology requirements.

Whether you need low voltage services or low voltage cabling for businesses or other entities, our solutions cater to the unique needs of each client, delivering a seamless and efficient cabling network.

Cabling Services

There is a need for a basic infrastructure of cabling throughout facilities to ensure that communication throughout the organization is seamless and efficient. Wolverine Low Voltage undertakes the design and installation of the overall infrastructure based on the specific technology system requirements.

Structured cabling services refer to the design, installation, and maintenance of a standardized cabling infrastructure within a building or campus. This infrastructure serves as the backbone that enables the seamless transmission of data, voice, and video signals across various devices and network systems. Structured cabling supporting the efficient and reliable functioning of data networks and telecommunications within an organization.

Do you have an issue with your low voltage cabling connection and need support quickly? Our service department works with you to troubleshoot connections on-site or remotely based on your needs. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Structured network cabling neatly organized coming from the top of the ceiling down into the room. Three bundles of cables are neatly wrapped and organized. Data networking wire cat6

Network Install

Our network management services include setting up network equipment, installing network cables, and ensuring that your business network runs smoothly with cable drops where they are needed. Our low voltage services related to the facility network includes specialty services from server room design to troubleshooting network connection issues.

Networking SOlutions

At the core of every organization’s business processes lies the main distribution frame (MDF) or server room, serving as the central hub for all information technology in the facility. Our team at Wolverine Low Voltage specializes in understanding the unique requirements of each client, ensuring the establishment of a centralized and efficient technology infrastructure. Further, we install and implement structured cabling solutions between your server room and other areas around the facility.

Efficiently installing switches and other network equipment is crucial for setting up a reliable and high-performing network infrastructure. Before we begin the installation, we work with you understand the network requirements, the number and types of switches needed, and the locations where they will be installed.

Wolverine Low Voltage provides installation of enterprise hardware, such as Ubiquiti switches, patch panels, and Cisco Firewalls.

Installing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions involves setting up a communication system that uses the internet to transmit voice calls and other multimedia data. VoIP offers cost-effectiveness, scalability, and advanced features compared to traditional phone systems. As a part of our server room design process, we determine the relevant network equipment needed to properly support your VoIP system.

As technology advances, so does the amount of bandwidth needed for modern businesses to be successful in day-to-day activities. Wolverine Low Voltage provides fiber optic networking for organizations needing the ability to transmit large amounts of data quickly. From data center design to fiber extensions, we can provide single-mode and multi-mode fiber solutions.

Low voltage services. Large networking technology rack mounted to a wall with cables feeding into it from the top.

Access & Survellience

Any business can benefit from the installation of a low voltage camera system. Using a surveillance system, you will be able to monitor and record events as they occur throughout your business or residential building. With these low voltage services, you can keep your facility safe.

Your facility will be secure with an auditable trail of access, thanks to access control systems that are connected to a security device of your choice. We will work with you to determine the most beneficial access control equipment for your needs, whether it’s biometrics, NFC touchpoints, or traditional keypads.

The installation of an access control system at the doors of a building is designed to ensure the security of certain areas of the building. It is also designed to limit access to those areas.

Access Control & Survellience SOlutions

Facility Security Design with Wolverine Low Voltage involves the planning and implementation of physical security measures to protect a facility, its assets, and everything else from potential threats and risks. Whether it’s an office building, industrial facility, residential building, healthcare center, or any other type of property, designing an effective security plan is crucial for safeguarding people and assets.

Security camera installations involve the setup and configuration of surveillance cameras to monitor and record activities in a specific area, such as a home, business, or public space. We have partnered with respected brands both for enterprise and residential installations. Installing security cameras serves as a crucial deterrent against criminal activities and helps enhance safety and security. Learn more about our Security solutions.

Video walls allow for easy surveillance and monitoring of your facility. In addition, they can also be used for client-facing displays for displaying information. Integrate security systems, such as the VIVOTEK Vast, to leverage modern technology to monitor and report risky behavior in your facility.

Access control systems are security solutions designed to regulate and manage access to physical spaces, facilities, or resources. They help organizations control who can enter specific areas, monitor and record access events, and enhance overall security. Access control systems come in various types, offering different levels of security and functionalities.

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Alarm Systems

We work to ensure that equipment and alarms are installed where they are needed, whether they are fire alarms, security alarms, or safety alarms. Our goal is to work with you to determine your needs and to determine what will be best for you.

Alarm SOlutions

Keep your facilities protected with burglar and other security alarm systems. Know when action is required when it matters.

Regardless of the size of your facility, we will install the needed alarms and wiring for fire and smoke alarms. Maintain safety requirements of your facility with fire and smoke alarms and related setup required.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) alarms and sensors are devices designed to detect and monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the surrounding environment. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced naturally by human respiration, combustion processes, and various industrial activities.

While it is a natural component of the atmosphere, elevated levels of CO2 in indoor spaces can lead to health and safety concerns. CO2 alarms and sensors help identify potential risks and allow for timely action to maintain air quality and safety.

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Let us help with your next project

Our professional low voltage contractors are qualified to install solutions ranging from surveillance systems to network runs and programming. We work with residential properties and commercial businesses. Experienced professionals are readily available to work on your project. In most cases, we can have a crew out to your property within the week of confirming the project. We can also schedule your low voltage project and needs to when it is most convenient for you..

Info like the type of building, number of cable runs (if any), your timeline for the project, and other details help!