Comprehensive Overview of Ring Security System Packages

From the essential components included in each package to the availability of additional hardware options like video doorbells and security cameras, Ring provides a versatile and expandable solution that can adapt to your evolving needs.

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Ring security system packages and subscriptions offer dependable and all-encompassing safeguarding for your home. With a diverse selection of packages and features at your disposal, you have the flexibility to tailor your security configuration to suit your unique requirements.

From the essential components included in each package to the availability of additional hardware options like video doorbells and security cameras, Ring provides a versatile and expandable solution that can adapt to your evolving needs.

Explore solutions from self-install kits, Ring Protect security plans, to additional hardware that makes your property more secure.

Ring Security System Packages

In addition to security system packages and subscriptions, Ring offers bundled packages that provide a cost-effective and convenient way to enhance your home security. These bundles consist of carefully curated combinations of Ring products that complement each other and offer greater value than purchasing the items separately.

These bundles typically include a selection of security devices such as video doorbells, security cameras, and environmental sensors, along with the necessary base station and keypad. These bundles are designed to address specific security needs and cover various areas of your home, ensuring comprehensive protection.

By purchasing a bundle, you not only save money compared to buying the individual components separately but also benefit from the convenience of having all the necessary devices in one package. This simplifies the setup process and ensures that all the components work seamlessly together, providing a unified and integrated security system.

Moreover, for new members who are just starting their security journey, available starter Ring security system packages are available. These packages are designed to provide an easy entry point into the Ring ecosystem and include all the essential components needed to establish a basic level of home security. These starter packages are a great option for those who are new to home security systems and want a simple and affordable way to get started.

The Ring Bridge, a device that allows all Ring-enabled devices to communicate to the Ring app and ecosystem.
The Ring Bridge, a device that allows all Ring-enabled devices to communicate to the Ring app and ecosystem.

Security Solutions for Your Facility

Security is a vital aspect of any facility, whether it be a commercial, industrial, or residential setting. At Wolverine Low Voltage, we utilize prominent brands in the security industry. With leading products offering state-of-the-art camera surveillance and access control systems, Wolverine Low Voltage will ensure your business is protected.

Ring Protect Plans

The Ring Protect Plan is a subscription that gives you access to paid features for Ring devices such as video doorbells, cameras, alarm, and Car Cam. With a Protect Plan, you can save, review, and share video recordings from your Ring devices to your account. There are three Ring Protect Plans available for your home devices: Basic, Plus, and Pro. Below is an overview of a few core features of each plan.

Basic Ring Protect Plan

  • Video Recording: The Basic plan activates video recording for one device per location. This means you can capture and review video footage from a single Ring device, such as a video doorbell or a security camera.
  • Mobile Alerts: You receive instant mobile alerts whenever the motion sensors in your Ring devices detect activity, allowing you to stay informed about any potential events around your home.
  • Warranty: The Basic plan includes a limited warranty on all your Ring devices, providing added peace of mind.

Plus Ring Protect Plan

  • Video Recording: The Plus plan expands the video recording capabilities to cover all devices at your location. This means you can record and review video footage from multiple Ring devices throughout your home, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • Extended Warranty: In addition to the features included in the Basic plan, the Plus plan offers an extended warranty on all Ring devices.
  • Professional Monitoring: With the Plus plan, you have the option to add professional monitoring for your Ring Alarm system. This service connects your Ring security system to a professional monitoring center, ensuring that emergency authorities are notified in case of an alarm trigger.

Pro Ring Protect Plan

  • Video Recording: Similar to the Plus plan, the Pro plan enables video recording for all devices at your location, ensuring complete video coverage throughout your home.
  • Professional Monitoring: Just like the Plus plan, the Pro plan allows you to add professional monitoring to your Ring Alarm system, ensuring that any alarms are responded to promptly by emergency authorities. 24/7 Monitoring ensures your Ring security system and hardware are always monitored for activity.
  • Built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 Router: The Pro plan includes a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router. This advanced router not only provides fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home but also enhances network security, protecting your connected devices.

Additional Ring Security System Options

In addition to the core components of the Ring security system packages, they offer a wide range of additional hardware options that can be integrated into your home security setup. These devices provide added functionality and flexibility, allowing you to further enhance the protection of your property. Notable Ring additional items include the Mailbox Sensor and Ring Pathlight.

Ring Mailbox Sensor

While not something you would think of as a traditional security sensor, the Ring Mailbox Sensor is a specialized device offered by Ring that is designed to monitor activity and provide notifications for your mailbox. This innovative sensor helps you stay informed about the delivery of mail, packages, or any other activity that occurs in your mailbox. Features include:

Key Features of the Ring Mailbox Sensor:

  • Motion Detection: The Ring security system Mailbox Sensor is equipped with motion sensors that can detect activity within your mailbox. Whenever the sensor detects motion, it triggers an alert or notification to your connected Ring app.
  • Real-time Notifications: The sensor sends instant notifications to your smartphone or other connected devices, keeping you updated on any activity in your mailbox. This allows you to promptly respond to incoming mail or packages.
  • Easy Installation: The Mailbox Sensor is designed for simple and hassle-free installation. It can be easily mounted inside your mailbox using adhesive or screws, depending on the mailbox type. The sensor is wireless and battery-powered, eliminating the need for complex wiring.
ring mailbox sensor - Comprehensive Overview of Ring Security System Packages

Residential and Landscape Lighting

When it comes to residential and landscape lighting, the expertise of professional installers is invaluable. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on aesthetic considerations, our professionals can transform your outdoor spaces into captivating, illuminated environments. Trust Wolverine Low Voltage for all your lighting needs and experience the difference of our high-quality lighting solutions.

Ring Pathlight

The Ring Solar Pathlight is a wireless outdoor lighting solution for your outdoor areas. These path lights are designed to illuminate pathways, walkways, and other outdoor areas around your home, enhancing both aesthetics and safety. Powered by solar energy, they eliminate the need for complex wiring and provide hassle-free installation.

Features include:

  1. Solar-Powered: The Solar Pathlight is equipped with a built-in solar panel that harnesses sunlight to charge its internal battery. This renewable energy source eliminates the need for wiring or reliance on electrical outlets, making installation and maintenance convenient.
  2. Motion-Activated: The Pathlight includes built-in motion sensors that can detect movement within their range. When motion is detected, the lights automatically turn on, providing enhanced security and visibility for anyone approaching the area. This feature also helps conserve battery life by activating the lights only when needed.
  3. Adjustable Settings: The Ring app allows you to adjust various settings of the Solar Pathlight. You can customize the sensitivity of the motion sensor, set the duration for which the light stays on after motion is detected, and control the brightness level of the lights.
  4. Ring App Integration: The Solar Pathlight seamlessly integrates with the Ring app, which serves as the central control hub for all Ring devices. Through the app, you can receive real-time notifications, control the lights remotely, and set up automated actions based on motion detection.
Ring Security System pathlights

Ring Security System Package Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Ring security system packages and other hardware are known for their affordability. Ring offers competitive prices, making home security accessible to a wider range of customers. The equipment prices start at $254.99 for a five-piece alarm security kit and range up to $339.99 for an eight-piece kit that includes a video doorbell. With various package options available, you can choose the one that best fits your budget and security requirements. View all products and packages on the store.

Get Started with Home Ring Security Systems

Ring security systems provide reliable and comprehensive protection for your home. With a range of packages and features available, you can customize your security setup to meet your specific needs. From the essential components included in each package to the additional hardware options, such as video doorbells and security cameras, Ring offers a versatile and scalable solution. Get in touch with Wolverine Low Voltage for installation and security services. We recommend and install security systems, alarms, lighting, and more for businesses and residential buildings to ensure reliable security is in place.

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