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Doing quality business to the greater Michigan area and Northeastern Ohio. Learn more about Wolverine Low Voltage and our commitment to quality.

About us

Wolverine Low Voltage is a Michigan-based low voltage company that specializes in wiring, security solutions, and networking hardware. We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, using eco-friendly materials and eliminating harsh tools and processes that cause unnecessary pollution.

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Technical Manager
Ben R.
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Low Voltage Engineer
Brian B.
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Low Voltage Tech
Luke M.
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Lead Low Voltage Tech
Joe W.
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Low Voltage Tech
Joey K
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Project Management
Chris H

Our Locations

Centered in Michigan, our service area covers Flint, Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor as primary locations. Whether you need network installation, alarm system installs, or other low voltage wiring needs, we are nearby and ready to assist on your next project.

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Wolverine Low Voltage services areas all around Michigan.

Our Premier Services

As a low voltage company, we provide quality service, quick installation, and easy billing.

Structured cabling of network cables feeding into piping from a ceiling.

Low VOltage Cabling

Experienced technicians handle low-voltage cabling for homes and businesses. Our team ensures a tidy and efficient installation process before and after completion. We install CAT5/6/6a cabling, alarm systems, CCTV, and other low-voltage solutions.

Network equipment located at a residential location.

IT Network Installation

From purchasing, programming, and installation, our low voltage professionals are qualified to implement networking equipment and IT hardware on any scale. We provide network installations for residential and commercial buildings.

Outdoors with a worker on a ladder installing camera equipment to the corner of a brick building.

Access Control AND Survellience

Our professionals are qualified to install and program cameras, network video recorders (NVR), door access controls, and other security devices and systems. Keep track of your facility or home for peace of mind.

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Transform your building or home into a stunning spectacle every night with our landscape lighting solutions. Systems integrate seamlessly, eliminating obtrusive cabling while highlighting features and natural elements with great lighting.

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Golf Simulator Installation

Golf simulators are for enthusiasts looking to get their golf game on any time of the year with an indoor setup. Golf Simulators are perfect for keeping your members engaged through the winter seasons.

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With business and at-home automation, you can make repetitive processes easy to manage. We install agritech controllers, smart home systems, lighting, and other low-voltage technology.

Work that Speaks for Itself

View recently completed projects and learn how we approached the work, implemented a solution, and supported our clients throughout the entire process. From residential buildings to enterprise-grade equipment installs, we have you covered. As a low voltage company, we take projects seriously.

CO2 Sensor Installations Made Easy

Wolverine Low Voltage makes CO2 Sensor Installation easy by handling the process professionally and quickly. By installing CO2 sensors, you can continuously monitor CO2 levels and take proactive measures to maintain optimal indoor air quality.

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Qualified Professionals for Microsoft Teams Room Installations

Microsoft Teams Room equipment is a collection of hardware and devices, usually including speakers, microphones, a screen, and a camera, …

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Powerful Residential Surveillance System Installation

In a recent project, the Wolverine Low Voltage team had the opportunity to implement a high-tech residential surveillance system that included wireless access points, outdoor cameras, a smart doorbell, and a full-featured network rack


Let us help with your next project

Our professional low voltage contractors are qualified to install solutions ranging from surveillance systems to network runs and programming. We work with residential properties and commercial businesses. Experienced professionals are readily available to work on your project. In most cases, we can have a crew out to your property within the week of confirming the project. We can also schedule your low voltage project and needs to when it is most convenient for you..

Info like the type of building, number of cable runs (if any), your timeline for the project, and other details help!